Smith Wigglesworth ChapelSaltaire village street
“I have a message from heaven that will not leave people as I find them.”

Smith Wigglesworth.

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"Untiring and indefatigable all through his life."
Jimmy Salter, (Smiths son in law.)

"Without human refinement and education he was able to tap into the infinite resources of God to bring divine grace to multitudes and multitudes came to Christ in his meetings, untold thousands were healed of serious illnesses and diseases as supernatural signs followed his ministry."
Stanley Frodsham.

Smith Wigglesworth 1946 or 1947This is Smith Wigglesworth’s amazing story.

Join us for a life changing tour of the life and places of Smith Wigglesworth.

Smith Wigglesworth is among one of the great generals of God. His life is one of astounding miracles, including many people raised from the dead. He had a reputation for being abrasive but was gentle of heart and full of compassion, and was so in love with God, and in total surrender to His Lord. His life was one of obedience to the Saviour, and as God removed layer upon layer of the flesh, greater and greater became the miracles, signs and wonders, until he stood taller than all those around him. His was a journey of just being, to Smith, "to be" was far greater than to do. He understood that out of the being comes the doing.

In 1992, the Lord impressed upon Dutch Holland that he was to learn everything he could about the life of Smith Wigglesworth. This began a journey of discovery that has taken over two decades and has changed his life.

In 2008 he started Smith Wigglesworth Excursions and has taken visitors from all over the world on these excursions, including overseas members of Smith’s own family.

The Journey: The revealing of the sons of God.

This is a story about a man, but it is much more than that, this is a rags to riches story of the highest order. This is a story of identity, and identity is what it is all about, for you, for me and for Smith.

The story of Smith Wigglesworth is a story that stretches from Genesis to Revelation and beyond. It is the eternal plan of God for mankind. Smith was an ordinary man, and I wanted to know how he went from a child born in poverty to one of Gods great sons. It is a story of hard times, great sorrow, great victories and great blessing. It is a story of complete surrender to God, bringing great power and authority to do the works of God. Are you ready to take a tour of this mans life?




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